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Metocean Studies and Risk Analysis Services

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Full Metocean Studies and Reports

Our detailed metocean hindcast studies, reports, and data focus on the historical behaviors of winds and waves including the central tendencies, means, and extremes at your site. See our online store for a list of our metocean studies and reports! Each report is packed with detailed X-Y analysis tables, distribution roses, line graphs. scatterplots, commentaries, and narratives that qualify and quantify the long-term behavior of the winds and waves at your site!

Metocean Analysis Products

We offer detailed metocean studies and report, as well as selected X-Y analysis tables, distribution roses, line graphs, wind and wave data, and other metocean analyses that meet your needs! See our online store for our wide array of products. If the analyses that you require are not listed, please ask us about a customized solution!

Metocean Consulting Services

We can assist you in the process of identifying a metocean hindcast solution to fit your needs. We are able to work with your engineers to ensure that your needs are precisely met. Our needs assessments are always free! Please ask us today about our risk analyses and risk mitigation studies and solutions.

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